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Felmi Hofer
The Austrian NANO Initiative is a multi-annual funding programme for Nanoscale Sciences and Nanotechnologies (NANO for short) in Austria. It coordinates NANO measures on the national and regional levels and is supported by several Ministries, Federal provinces and Funding institutions, under the overall control of the BMVIT Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The programme is managed by FFG Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (Austrian Research Promotion Agency) on behalf of the BMVIT. The orientation and the structure of the Austrian NANO Initiative have been developed jointly with scientists, entrepreneurs and intermediaries.
Partners of the Austrian NANO Initiative   
  • Austria Business Service GmbH (aws)
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
  • Federal Ministry of Science and Research (BMWF)
  • Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)
  • Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth (BMWFJ)
  • Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
  • Office of the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development
  • Federal Province of Carinthia
  • Federal Province of Lower Austria
  • Federal Province of Upper Austria
  • Federal Province of Salzburg
  • Federal Province of Styria
  • Federal Province of Tyrol
  • Federal Province of Vorarlberg
  • City of Vienna
Objectives and Target Groups

The NANO Initiative addresses all NANO players from University and non-University research, as well as enterprises located in Austria. International partners are welcome to participate in all Programme Action Lines.

NANO is regarded as a set of promising future technologies with an enormous development and application potential in many sectors of industry and many areas of life. It is therefore a strategically important focus for Austrian research and industry.

The Austrian NANO Initiative has the following objectives
  • Broadening the cooperation basis between science and industry
  • Strengthening research competence in fields of application relevant to Austrian enterprises
  • Accelerating technology transfer and increasing the economic utilisation of nanotechnology 
  • Improving access to know-how and to cooperation partners abroad
  • Decreasing insecurities and information deficits with regard to health risks and environmental risks
  • Establishing nanotechnology in the context of public perception of Austria as a research location, of science communication and of promoting young researchers

The Austrian NANO Initiative has 2 programme action lines

National cooperative RTD Projects
Transnational cooperative RTD Projects

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