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Nano Forum 

The Austrian NANO Forum is the national platform which constitutes part of the Austrian NANO Initiative.
It addresses science, represented by universities, non-university research institutions, universities of applied sciences and technical high schools, as well as enterprises, societies and associations, networks relevant to nano, finance companies and other multipliers and strategic partners in Austria. 
The forum focuses on increased interaction between the NANO players from science, industry, societies, the public sector and policy. The objective is to generate new partnerships and project ideas, in order to support the emergence of new technologies, products and services, and thus to apply them profitably economically.

In addition to publicising Austrian NANO competencies and making them accessible successfully, the Austrian NANO Forum is concerned with supporting efficient and targeted communication, both between the NANO players in Austria and with international NANO experts and fora. In addition, the NANO Forum acts as the mouthpiece of the Austrian NANO players. The decision-makers of the Federal state, the Federal provinces and the political decision-makers perceive the NANO players’ position and communicate it in the relevant bodies.

The Austrian NANO Forum focuses on the following objectives …

  • intensified and new interaction between disciplines relevant to NANO and between science and industry.
  • improving communication between enterprises and science, and creating new ideas.
  • result-oriented networking at regional, national and/or international level, in particular with a view to other future projects within the framework of the Austrian NANO Initiative and in international consortia, such as for instance in the EU Framework Programme. Intensified networking activities with the new and future member states of the EU.
  • Creating new competencies and know-how by transferring and exchanging know-how between industry and science through targeted networking activities in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the network partners.

The interests of the NANO players are represented by bringing them to bear actively in RTD policy, industry and society. In addition, the analysis of social and ethical issues is an important aspect and serves the preparation of coordinated papers.

The Austrian NANO Forum is the national information and communication platform of all NANO players in Austria. It is in charge of establishing and maintaining contacts with other networks and organisations. The public relations (press relations, information material etc.) are taken care of by the NANO Forum in coordination with the NANO players. The existing institutions in Austria are invited to be active in building up the platform and defining important steps.

The NANO Forum carries out coordination and cooperation activities by means of events where players get to know each other, by workshops and other activities suitable for the coordination of RTD tasks, by activities for the dissemination of RTD results and support for their implementation, or by finding cooperation partners (e.g. by means of a members data base). Some of these activities are also carried out in cooperation with other NANO networks and other relevant institutions.
The NANO Forum acts as an interface between the special NANO disciplines. By virtue of knowing the specific requirements in the disciplines relevant to nano, the NANO Forum may submit suggestions for further measures within the framework of the Austrian NANO Initiative. In addition, the NANO Forum also acts as an information broker for interested parties. Another task of the NANO Forum is to provide support for the implementation and dissemination of project results, above all by finding suitable partners.
Furthermore, the active acquisition of new members, above all from industry, is an important element in the building of networks.
The FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency is responsible for implementing the Austrian NANO Forum, in cooperation with the societies, networks, institutions and lobbies relevant to nano in Austria.

The FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency also coordinates the discussion process for establishing the Forum.

In accordance with the mission, objectives and the composition of the partner organisations, the interests of the universities, the non-university research institutions, the Academy of Sciences as well as the enterprises are also attended to. The FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency ensures a continuous enlargement of the partner portfolio.
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